The Glass House is about to Fall

 By Babak Esmaeili / Member of Iranian Economists Association (IEA)

14 years ago, at the beginning of 1997 the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was laid out by republicans of American Enterprise, such as Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, Eliot Abrahams, and John Bolton. These people spoke fanatically about the diplomatic and military situation that American will face in the new century; they spoke of Liberal governance and liberal democracy which would put the American empire in charge of the world in the 21st century. But, 13 years after the plans were made, its seems as if everything has turned around. America has failed militarily; has failed politically; has failed economically. The dictatorships dependent on America are also falling or in a constant state of fear.

Economic research conducted by American companies predict that the national debt will reach more than 102 percent of the profits made by American industry by the end of 2011. If this happens America will have the seventh largest debt in comparison to the GDP. It will be placed alongside countries such as Zimbabwe and Jamaica. This means that the United States of America, who wanted to control the world in the 21st century through PNAC, is actually moving in the direction of becoming a third world country.

Also, revolutions and Islamic awakening are taking place in Arab countries whose governments where allies to the United States. These revolutions are expanding day by day. After the victories of the Islamic revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, the people of Libya, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are all angry with the governments of their countries. The Arab rulers who are dependent upon the west will be faced with the same destinies as Ben Ali and Mubarak were. America is hopelessly trying to keep their allied dictators in the Middle East and Africa and at the same time are showing signs of supporting democracy – due to the evident fall of their dictators. That which changed the previous predictions of the White House were the public protests that have been going on in America since the 14th of February. This is the second spark of the decline of the American empire, the first was the fall of the imperialistic dollar. America is facing a completely new problem.

The protests in Wisconsin started when Scott Waker, the governor of Wisconsin, proposed a bill to the state congress. Due to the present economical difficulties that America is facing, he wanted to remove some of the rights that American workers benefited from over the last 50 years. He also wanted to lower the minimum wage, increase the hours of work, and decrease insurance plans.

Many aware people know that what is happening in Wisconsin is only a test to see how that state deals with the implementation of these measures. They consider the main sculptor of this plan to be the American Enterprise, not Scott Waker; not the governor of Wisconsin.
It seems as if the republican strategists made another mistake, just as they did in 1997. Their mistake was that they did not imagine the affects that the protests of Muslims throughout the Middle East and northern Africa would have nor did they imagine the affects that the protests of Americans throughout America. Reports have come in which show it is probable for large scale protests to take place in 40 states, such as Ohio, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, Mississippi, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, Massachusetts, and West Virginia. This is important because throughout history these states have sought secession from the country. Their independence would change everything and such a possibility would force the Obama administration to act.

The White House has yet to respond to these protests. But, as the protests reach forty states it will become a worldwide issue. American officials have yet to respond because they do not want to portray the United States as a country which is having serious internal problems. They do not want to worsen the international opinion of their country. The events which will take place in the near future will change this position. The White House has struggled with the media to prevent this issue from becoming the most important news item of the day, they will not be able to hold the media for much longer.

The economy has been one of the main factors of the destruction of super powers throughout history. The British empire, the French empire, the Ottoman empire all fell because of economical problems; because of debt. The Soviet Union broke apart mainly because it went bankrupt; because it fell into economical problems, just as Imam Khomeini predicted. The American stock exchange has fell due to a decrease in economical influence; a decrease in technological innovation, and the fall of the dollar. These are all signs of the collapse of the American empire. There have been over 20 million articles written about the collapse of the American empire which can be easily found in a google search.

Presently, the United States of America has a 14 trillion dollar debt and which is the largest of any nation in the world. Statistics show that this debt will increase to 19.7 trillion dollars in 2015 which will be larger than the GDP. This will place America next to third world countries such as Zimbabwe and Jamaica.

If one was to make an historical comparison, the conditions that America are facing are equal to, or worse than, those that ancient Rome experienced before its collapse. America is facing a decrease in ethical values, problems in internal issues, economical difficulty, arrogance in its military might, and a distribution of forces throughout the world. America is similar to empires which were on the verge of collapse throughout history in areas such as the economy, society, politics, and military.

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